Our Expertise

Valued from the moment they’re dug from deep within the earth, our gemstones never leave the hands of highly skilled artisans, who transform each stone from rough gem to refined beauty. This process is a commitment that requires time and patience each step of the way. It results in an expertise that comes through in each stone we produce.

Sourcing & Analysis

We believe in sustainable luxury and for us this begins with ethical sourcing. The gems we carefully source and analyze go through a process that honors the centuries it took for the gem’s astonishing beauty to evolve.

Once a rough stone is deemed worthy, it goes straight to the hands of our Master Cutters. A geometric plan is made for each stone, to reveal the gem’s natural glory. Precision cuts are the most important factor in determining the beauty, so the craftsperson’s technical expertise, exactitude and artistry are crucial. Our cutters and polishers bring decades of experience to each gem.

From the smallest to the largest stones our gems are cut to maximize brilliance, dispersion and scintillation. Because every gemstone is unique, each setting is uniquely handcrafted so that the final design honors the stone, releasing a beautiful spectrum of colors. Effortless elegance and ageless modernity allow each design to stand the test of time.