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Our Heritage

Mr. Abul Cassim

We have a deep-rooted relationship with the mined stones and their journey to make some of the finest jewelry in the world. In the 1940’s Mr. Mohamed Muhsin planted the vision to source the highest quality gems on the island. With his humble beginnings the small business made its first debut in the costal town of Beruwela, in an area known as ‘China Fort,’ the hub for gem trading market.

In the 1960’s his son, Abul Cassim took the reigns. He was an astute gemologist, an intuitive businessman and a committed philanthropist. His standards for analyzing and cutting rough gemstones made him a well-known figure amongst the finest gem and jewelry dealers in the world. In 1974 he incorporated Shehans setting the pace for the future

Today, Shehans continues to grow with a strong presence at key international trade events. Our passion to go beyond and the average and source rare gemstones is what sets us apart.


At Shehans we are committed to being a trustworthy truthful jewelry company. Every step we take is lined with transparency. From each stone to each setting, we offer our customers a finished product that will stand the test of time.

We believe it is our duty to sustain the natural environment, we are committed to not only minimizing our impacts as a business, while using our position to positively affect communities and the world around us.